Decorative Landscape Rock
Why decorative rock?
  • Conserves Moisture
  • Supresses Weeds
  • Maintains appearance
  • Adds color, texture and dimension to your landscape
  • A must for water features, dry creek beds, xeriscapes
  • Low maintenance, durable

1 1/2″ Large Black and Tan

3/4″ Medium Black and Tan

1/2″ Small Black and Tan

3/4″ Oregon Trail

3/4″ Medium Autumn Blend

1/2″ Small Autumn

1/2″ Small Deco

1 1/2″ Large Deco

Rainbow Pebbles

1″ Rainbow Rock

3″ Rainbow Cobble

Oro Verde 7/8-3/4″ Chip

Boise River Pea Gravel

Boise River 3/4″ Pebble

Boise River 2″ 

Boise River Cobble

Snake River Pea Gravel

Snake River 3/4″ 

2″ Snake River

Snake River Cobble

1″ Red Lava

Red Lava Fines

1″ Black Lava

Black Lava Fines

Large Sienna 

Small Sienna

Medium Lavender

Large Lavender