Decorative Landscape Rock
Why decorative rock?
  • Conserves Moisture
  • Supresses Weeds
  • Maintains appearance
  • Adds color, texture and dimension to your landscape
  • A must for water features, dry creek beds, xeriscapes
  • Low maintenance, durable

1 1/2″ Large Black and Tan

3/4″ Medium Black and Tan

1/2″ Small Black and Tan

3/4″ Autumn Blend

1 1/2″ Large Deco

1/2″ Small Deco

Autumn Blend

Rainbow Pebbles

1″ Rainbow Rock

3″ Rainbow Cobble

Boise River Pea Gravel

Snake River Pea Gravel

Boise River Pebbles

3/4″ Oregon Trail

3/4″ Snake River Round

2″ Oregon Trail

2″ Boise River Drain Rock

2″ Snake River Round

Boise River Cobble

Snake River Cobble

1″ Red Lava

Red Lava Fines

1″ Black Lava

Black Lava Fines

Large Sienna 

Small Sienna

Medium Lavender

Large Lavender